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Yes, you can learn a language just by reading and after a while you can understand everything you read very well. You can do well in written exams such as school exams.

To understand what you hear, you need to be exposed to the language. There is no need to pay a fee or travel to countries where the language is spoken. With the developing technology, you can watch cartoons, series, movies or other programmes in the language of your choice on platforms such as youtube, netflix and by being exposed to that language, you will begin to understand that language in a short time and distinguish words from each other. The thing to remember here is that the subtitle absolutely "MUST" be in your native language. You can put subtitles in the language you are watching.

The eyes, ears and mouth are different organs and communicate with the brain in different ways. It is necessary to train each organ separately when learning a language. In addition to watching TV series and reading books, it is essential that you talk to someone in the language you have learnt and practise it. Talking for 15 minutes or 1 hour a day will reinforce the language you have learnt. There are various free and paid applications for practising with someone. In our experience, it is very difficult to try to talk to someone using free applications. It will be more useful to practise with someone by paying money on quality websites that serve this purpose.

Thousands of students use our site and successfully learn the languages they want. If you are wondering how fast you can learn and how effective our method is, choose the most difficult language available on our site and start learning that language with free lessons. You can learn the most difficult language quickly and easily. You can also learn any language quickly. You can try our method and make your decision.

All the lessons from level A1 to C2 are available on our website. All the grammar rules are given in the order in which they should be given, so that you can learn them quickly. The words, grammar rules and structures that we use most in everyday life are given in the first lessons. The grammar rules that we use less in everyday life are given in the following lessons. The student does not learn unnecessary words and grammar rules in the first lessons. Therefore, he/she will start speaking and communicating very quickly.

You have chosen to become a Premium Member and have made the purchase, but you have accidentally purchased a different course. In this case, please contact us by email at [email protected] and specify which course you wish to purchase. If you contact us on the same day, your course will be changed free of charge.